Regex CSV Data Splitter Tool


  • Simple to use.
  • Split data using Regular Expressions.
  • Great data management tool.
  • Access to updates.
  • First class email support.
  • Access to beta versions.
  • Just one payment (no rebills).
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With this data splitter software tool you can load your CSV data, and split the data into two CSV files.

The tool uses Regex (Regular Expressions) to separate your data.
The software loads each row of data and checks to see if your Regular Expression is found on that row of data, and splits accordingly.

Simple to use:
1) Load your CSV data.
2) Enter your Regular Expression code.
3) Split data with a single click.
4) Export your split data as separate CSV files.

Great tool for data management, can help you organise your data or check your data.

Version 1.1 released on 10th February 2015

Version 1.0 Development version.

Regex CSV Data Splitter Tool - (1)

Regex CSV Data Splitter Tool - (2)



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