Expression Helper


  • Test Xpath Expressions (HTML & XML).
  • Test Regular Expressions (Regex).
  • Free Email Support.
  • Free Automatic Updates.
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A nice tool designed to save time when testing Xpath or Regex expressions.

Expression Checker Tool Features;

  • Switch between Xpath HTTP, Xpath XML & Regular expressions.
  • Get page source text from URL, paste from clipboard, or read a file contents.
  • Visually see results when testing expressions.
  • Quick setup buttons for common xpath attributes (but still fully customisable).
  • Quick copy & paste buttons so testing expressions is a breeze.
  • Nice clean responsive UI.

Designed for those who are experienced with expressions or those who are just wanting to play.
Quickly move expression code from application to application with simple buttons.
Designed to test expressions for use with our other tools, but this tool could also be useful for other applications that use Xpath or Regular Expressions feel free to download and use even if you are not using our other tools!

Expression Helper - Screenshot 1

Expression Helper - Screenshot 2

Expression Helper - Screenshot 3


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