Extra Data Scraper for Google Search


  • Collect even more data!
  • Unique Tool.
  • Scrape Data from Google Search.
  • Count Keywords on Google Result Page.
  • Unlimited Use.
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  • Just One Payment (No Rebills).
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Note: 1st January 2016
VIP members have access to this product now on early release.
Will become available to all customers in a month or two.

Have you got CSV data but missing an item of data like full postcode, longitude & latitude or phone number?

The Extra Data Scraper can use your existing data to search Google, and collect the data provided by Google Search and Google Maps.

You import data into our software then set your search phrase using our column codes.
Searches will then be performed on Google Search and is a business listing is triggered in the right side of Google Search then data will be collected for that search.

Also has a keyword checker so you can paste a list of keywords that you wish to count and it will scan the google results page for these keywords, and will also detect the winning keyword.
This is handy if you need to categorise your data, or want to check relevant keywords for a search term.

The software will collect the following data for your search if available:
Business Title/Name
UK Postcode
Phone Number
Longitude & Latitude

Software can solve auto-solve captcha for users who scrape large amounts of data.

We will likely add more sources of data to this product, so if you are VIP and have other ideas feel free to let us know 🙂



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