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  • FREE Proxy Tool.
  • Great Features.
  • Manage Proxy Sources.
  • Manage & Scrape Proxies.
  • Test Proxies & Save Results to CSV.
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  • Free Automatic Updates.
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Product Description

This tool has three tools in one to help you find and check proxies.

FREE Proxy Harvester Tool by AceApp Studios.

Source Management Panel
* Import & Export Proxy Source URLs.
* Download Proxy Source URLs from our Cloud (saves time finding sources).

Proxy Management Panel
* Import & Export Proxies.
* Collect proxies from URL Sources.

Proxy Checker
* Multi-threaded upto 100 threads, making it super quick!
* Uses HTTP Get method instead of rendering data in browser, also making it quick!
* Checks if the proxy is working, and what country it is from.
* If proxy is working it will also detect the proxy type.
* If proxy is working you can perform an additional check to see if works on a particular site.
* Export ALL results to a CSV file.


Example of output CSV with proxy data
50 Proxies Google Tested 5th March 2015



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