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  • Scrape unlimited data.
  • UK data from Yellow Pages.
  • Free Email Support.
  • Free Automatic Updates.
  • Just One Payment (No Rebills).
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Need to scrape data from Yell.com?

Yell.com is the site of Yellow Pages

Well now you can scrape thousands of details within minutes!
With our in-house built webscraper bot software…

Lemon Squeezy Scraper Software by AceApp Studios.

Currently scrapes Yell.com (UK data only).

This price includes all further releases of this software and updates for the life of our product 🙂

Scrape unlimited keywords, with this Windows software.
Simple to use the Yell scraper software.

  1. Type or paste in a list of keywords to search with.
  2. Type or paste in a list of locations to scrape data for.
  3. Click ‘run Lemon Squeezy’ to start scraping.
  4. The scraper will search the all of the shown results (10 pages) from Yell.com (Yellow Pages).
  5. All data will be automatically saved as a CSV spreadsheet file.

This is great software for collecting data from Yellow Pages and will save you a lot of time!

Example of use:
Due to Yell.com only showing 10 pages of results for a search term, and say we need all ‘advertising agencies’ in ‘London’ which currently shows as 890 results. If we tried to scrape this we would only get the first 10 pages of results and would be only 150 results saved.
So… To collect as much data as possible we would recommend that you search in a smaller location to collect all the data.
Wikipedia is great for finding this data so we visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_areas_of_London to get smaller areas of London.
Then we can manually search yell.com to see how many results found for ‘advertising agency’ and ‘Abbey Wood, London’ and the result is 93 so that looks fine to scrape as we know we can get the first 10 pages which will cover all of that data.
Then I would run scrapes for the following:
‘advertising agency’ and ‘Abbey Wood, London’
‘advertising agency’ and ‘Acton, London’
‘advertising agency’ and ‘Addington, London’
‘advertising agency’ and ‘Addiscombe, London’
Using this method you can ensure you are collecting as much data as possible from Yell. Also you can also use other terms for locations such as ‘first half of postcode’.

Current Features

  • Simple to use.
  • Scrape any locations listed on Yell.com.
  • Automatically saves all data into a CSV file
    (Data saved includes: Title, Address, Longitude, Latitude, Phone Number, Website URL, Keywords, and Description).
  • Intelligent scraping, checks if no phone is listed, or if address have moved location or closed.
  • Ability to scrape a list of keywords, instead of just running one scrape at a time.
  • Unlimited commercial or personal use for one user.
  • Free life-time updates for all future releases of this software.
  • Email support, but very much doubt you will need it.


  • A computer or laptop running either Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8.
  • Internet access is required.
  • Although some customers are using our software using a Windows emulator on a Mac computer, we do not provide support for this.

Update History

  • Added ability to paste a list of locations.
  • Added new button to choose folder location in the Juicy Options Panel.
  • Added ability use the all wildcard (*.*) in either keyword or locaton list (before could not save file name).
  • Other minor improvements to software UI.
  • Fixed error we made in previous version, sorry for inconvenience.
  • Fix collecting phone numbers from Yell, as minor change to Yell’s website stopped URL collection.
  • Fix collecting URLs from Yell, as minor change to Yell’s website stopped URL collection.
  • Added captcha detection, now can manually solve captcha or use ‘Death by Captcha’ to automatically solve captcha forms.
  • Fixed collection of website URL.
  • Added collection of longitude and latitude numbers.
  • Updated scraper software to work with the new Yellow Pages website.
  • Other minor improvements to the appearance.
  • Migrated from iWebX to AceApp Studio.
  • Other minor changes to the appearance.
  • Fixed small error that would cause Lemon Squeezy to become unresponsive on some computers.
  • Also adjusted the version number to represent the 3rd public release eg v1.3 instead of v0.3.
  • Software is still fully functional, and now does not crash even on very large scraping tasks.
  • Added update checker to Lemon Squeezy Scraper (Also has ability for software to be disabled remotely if needed).
  • First public release of Lemon Squeezy Scraper.

Screenshots & Videos

Lemon-Squeezy-Data-Scraper-for-yellow-pages-screenshot (1)

Lemon-Squeezy-Data-Scraper-for-yellow-pages-screenshot (2)


2 reviews for Lemon Squeezy Data Scraper Software for Yellow Pages (Yell.com)

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Excellent program with excellent support

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Smarter looking layout compared with our other products, may update our other products with better looking setting panels.

    This new look is using Twitters Bootstrap 3 !

    Simple to use, and does the job as described!

    Great introductory price!

    Order now and lock-in this deal.

    Updates free for life of product!

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